Internationally benevolent Reggae singer Ky-enie is no novice in the music industry. He has been composing and writing music for almost two decades. He is known for his signature style, edifying music, and raspy voice. Ky-enie likens his musical style as "Eclectic Reggae mixed with dancehall, Alternative Rock and a splash of Acoustic Soul.”

With Afrocentric, real life inspire tunes such as “As | Rise” (Feat. Prince Talib) and “Round Of Applause,” Ky-enie has strived to convey his experiences with his audience. Sharing in an interview once, “| want to heal the audience with my music as much as music has healed me.” It’s easy to fall in love with the positive vibrations Ky-enie is setting forth to the world.

In a recent interview, Ky-enie blissfully shared the highlights of his career which included receiving many messages of love and gratitude from fans around the world thanking him for saving their lives through his music. In their messages, fans specifically cited Ky-enie song titled, “Rain,” which was release in 2002 and internationally successful movie, “Shottas.” Among other accomplishments, Ky-enie was highlighted in SilverFox World Charts 2014 edition as “SFDC Radio Artiste of Great interest,” In 2020, Kyenie collaborated with California's Water the plants Records Label to produce the single “Let Love Lead The Way,” (feat.Bobby Castro and Wise).

Over the past two decades, Ky-enie has travelled internationally to deliver his message of inspiration and hope. He has performed all over the world including countries such as the United States, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and across Europe. He has shared the stage with the world renowned artists including Shaggy, Chronixx, Alborosie, Ky-Mani marley, Gytian, Collie Buddz, Morgan Heritage, Gentleman, | Wayne, and Dexter Daps. Ky-enie has perfomed
at many Caribbean Festivals such as Irie Jamboree in New York, Africa Fest in Germany and the United States, South Cape Reggae Festival, Riddim Runway in Fort Myers, Florida and Reggae Pon Di Riva in Jamaica.

Today, Ky-enie is still devoted to Reggae and continues to create life changing music. His new single “Stages in Life,” produced by High Bridge Records was released on August 6th, 2022, This melodious tune is intended to uplift the spirit and empower individuals to overcome their obstacles. The song gives people hope for a better future. Ky-enie hopes to see his single chart on the Billboard Hot 100.

Ky-enie has and always will strive to send messages of hope, positively, and resilience through his music. By delivering such messages, Ky-enie hopes that his music will help people to center themselves and develop a more profound appreciation for life.

Along with other highly anticipated singles, fans can anticipate the summer release of “Like A Mountain,” and can look forward to seeing Ky-enie perform at a variety of upcoming events. It's safe to say there is a lot more to come from this artist! Stay tuned for more soulful and empowering music by Ky-enie. The best is yet to come.


Stages In My Life

As I Rise with Prince Talib

Love Means Everything

The Remedy EP

Island Cruise

Freedom With Zane Myers

Change Things


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